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Establishment of Asia evolution was to cater for the growing demand and need of the modern SEA-FREIGHT industries which is also the reason of the establishment of offices in the two majors Asia Shipping HUB Singapore and Philippine.

Our Team

Asia Evolution Groups are operated by a group of well qualified multilingual team supported by a strong financial base, has built a progressive and professional organization that continues to seek and apply the best techniques of modern moving either port to port or door to door, buyer consol and distribution.

Our System

Having to control such highly complicated operation, AE staffs are all professionally trained and had earned a well deserved reputation of excellence record. In house IT development of our computerized system was also our pre-requisite priority to develop and implement from time to time at the customers demand.

Our Location

Asia Evolution groups was at the same time covered a comprehensive network with 4 offices situated in Singapore, Philippine, (Pasir Gudang) W.Malaysia, and strong representation covering all major ports of the world that made AE able to customers cargo to approximately 120 ports reaching 1200 destination worldwide.

Why Choose Us

Make AE Groups your global partner as your one-stop SEA-FREIGHT movement solutions. We deliver our commitment toward your nomination.